Backford, Mollington & Lea Villages

The Trust offers small discretionary grants to young people who have been born in the five townships (Backford, Caughall, Chorlton, Lea-by Backford and Mollington) or have been resident there for at least the last two years. These ‘one-off’ grants are for students who have already successfully completed at least one year of their course at an institution of Higher Education (University, College, etc.) and are continuing on into the next academic year. The grants are intended to assist in the purchase of appropriate course books and usually will be given in the form of Book Tokens.

The Trust annually invites eligible students to make application for these grants giving details of their course and institution, their examination successes to date, their ongoing educational plans and the birth/residential basis for their application.

Applications should be made in writing and addressed to:

The Trustees, c/o Mr C Stagg, Rose Farm House, Townfield Lane, Mollington, Chester. CH1 6NJ.

Alternatively, an online application can be made using this form