Backford, Mollington & Lea Villages


The Society was founded in 2002 and is affiliated to The British Association for Local History and the Cheshire Local History Association.

Currently there are about 50 members.  The monthly meetings are held in The Village Hall on the first Wednesday of each month and start at 7-30pm; following the presentation refreshments are served. Membership is open to everyone.  The annual subscription is £10, £15 for family membership, and for non-members a small charge of £3 is made for each lecture attended. Meeting dates are provided to members each year.  ‘A boards’ advertising the next lecture informing non-members of the forthcoming lecture, are located at road side sites around Mollington, Backford and the surrounding area.

The lectures are very varied and include lectures from members of the society. For example a lecture on ‘The Battle of the Atlantic, the Liverpool Connection’ described how the parish was closely involved in WWII because of its proximity to Liverpool.  Another lecture with the title, ‘Edgar (Cobber Kain – The First RAF Fighter Ace of World War II) would not seem to have an obvious connection; but there was – the connection with Rose Farm, Townfield Lane, in Mollington. Invited guest speakers also contribute to the lecture season providing an insight into the History of the Cheshire region.

The Society has an ongoing policy of archiving photographs, memorabilia, reminiscences and other information relevant to the area.  Some of this archive is normally on display at the back of the hall on each lecture evening for people to peruse.

Past residents who lived in the village have gone on to having very interesting lives and much research undertaken by the Society has unearthed the twists and turns of their and their families lives. There is still much historical research yet to be undertaken.  Members are encouraged to look at their families past and research its past alone or with other society members.  What may appear to be a normal ‘family’ may turn out to be far more interesting.

The historical research of the Society has resulted in the publication of two excellent books ‘Beneath the Surface’ Vol.I and ‘Beneath the Surface’ Vol.II has recently been published.

Wouldn't it be the perfect christmas present to give to a family member or friend? Copies can be obtained from Mike Richardson (01244 851346) or John Hess (01244 390098).

The Society organises visits to places of historical interest and visits to Industries that provide employment for the communities in the surrounding area.
The Society welcomes new members and anyone interested in joining the Local History Society can do so by contacting either John Hess or Mike Richardson on the contact details below:-

20161125 Beneath The Surface vol2 2

The committee members are currently:

Name Position Telephone
John Hess Chairman 01244 390098
Ann-Marie Curtis Secretary 01244 851717
Mike Richardson Treasurer 01244 851346
Robert Griffiths Outings 01244 851505
Carl Stagg Archivist 01244 851231
Carol Fraser Memberships 01244 851629
David Russell History Recordings 01244 382456
Gary Sunderland Publicity 01244 851681