Backford, Mollington & Lea Villages

Parish Councils - There are three parish councils covering the area of our villages. These all now have their own web sites, containing all relevant information about the individual councils and their business.

Mollington PC - covers the parish of Mollington, which includes the two original civil parishes of Mollington and Mollington Tarrant.

Backford PC - covers the civil parishes of Backford, Chorlton-by-Backford and Caughall.

Lea-by-Backford PC - covers the civil parish of Lea-by-Backford only.

Schooling: For information about state and private schools in the area see the Local Info page on this site.

Mollington Pre-School - is situated in the Old School building in Grove Road, Mollington. It takes children from 2 to 4.5years. Parents are welcome to bring children from age 2, but they must remain at the school to supervise them. The Pre-School is OFSTED inspected and provides sessions of play and education. There is also a secure outside play area. Times Mon-Fri 9:15am to 12am.

Mollington and Backford Mother & Toddler Group: are an active group of mothers and fathers who meet every Monday morning between 10am and 12am at the village hall. The friendly atmosphere offers an ideal environment for children aged 0 to 3 to play and mix with others and for carers to have a chat and meet new people. There are lots of toys and an outdoor play area.