Backford, Mollington & Lea Villages

The railway in Mollington

The formal opening of the Railway
From the Chester Courant - 29th September 1840
"The Chester and Birkenhead Railway was formerly opened by the running of a special train in the afternoon 22nd September, from Birkenhead by the directors, who were accompanied by the Mayor of Liverpool, the Mayor of Chester and a number of other gentlemen. The line was opened to the public on the following day. The inaugural train made up of first class carriages, was of great length and hauled by two engines bearing the names of Tondston and Zillah. It received an enthusiastic send-off by a multitude of cheering spectators and the firing of cannon. The journey to Chester was made in exactly one hour. This, of course, was nearly double the time that will be occupied by the transit on ordinary occasions, the train being not only very lengthy but excessively loaded. The bridges and banks were crowded with anxious and envious spectators who evinced their interest in the undertaking by the cheers with which they greeted the train".

Landmarks in the Development of the Chester - Birkenhead Railway
July 12th 1837 - Parliamentary Act passed for construction of the railway
September 23rd 1840 - Line opened for passengers between Chester(Brook Street) and Birkenhead(Grange Lane). Only other stations on line at opening were Sutton (Later named Ledsham) and Bebington.
By December 1840 - Mollington Station opened (February 1844 timetable).
October 23rd 1844 - Line extended at Birkenhead to Monks Ferry (passengers).
July 22nd 1847 - Act for Amalgamation with Birkenhead, Lancashire and Cheshire Junction Railway.
August 1st 1848 - New station opened at Chester (Chester General) and Brook Street closed to passengers.
August 1st 1859 - Became Birkenhead Railway
November 20th 1860 - Absorbed by the Great Western and London and North Western Joint Railway as the Birkenhead Joint Railway.
April 1st 1878 - Birkenhead Woodside station opened and Monks Ferry closed to passengers
1901/1902 - Line quadrupled between Ledsha and Birkenhead but the Mollington section to Chester remained double track
March 7th 1960 - Mollington Station closed to passengers
January 4th 1965 - Mollington station closed to goods.
October 4th 1993 - Electrification services through Mollington commence from Chester to Hooton but station still shut.