Backford, Mollington & Lea Villages

As part of the Festival 2000 celebrations, John Hess, Church Warden and owner of Chorlton Hall, compiled and edited Parish Reminiscences from the townships of Backford, Mollington, Lea, Chorlton and Caughall. It covers living memory in the parish and more than 50 people came forward with contributions, written, verbal, photographic and typographical. The following details from the book are printed by kind permission of John Hess.

Parish Reminiscences published by Festival 2000, Pump Farm, Gordon Lane, Backford, Chester and printed by Herald Printers (Whitchurch) Ltd, Shropshire, in the year 2000.

A list of dates significant for the parish from 1305 to the First World War is given below.

1305 parish was formed.

1536 Closure of Birkenhead Priory.

1547 Accession of Edward V1, when the Reformation properly began.

1562 Parish registers started.

1600 Moston lost to the parish, being transferred to the parish of St. Mary's on the Hill

1642 Civil War period.

1756 The second Mollington Hall built. Most of Mollington in one estate ownership.

1787 Road from Chester to Eastham through Backford turnpiked.

1793 Ellesmere Canal built,

1802 John Fielden in possession of Mollington Hall estate, Lea Hall estate bought by him.

1816 Glegg family in possession of Backford Hall estate, comprising most of Backford

1840 Wirral railway built,

1844 National School started in Backford,

1847 Chorlton Hall rebuilt by James Wicksted Swan, who inherited most of Chorlton.

1850 Milk production on local farms beginning to replace cheese.

1863 Present Backford Hall built.

1876 Break up of Chorlton Estate.

1880 Mollington School started.

1894 Legislation to move parish responsibilities from Vestry to secular councils. The first Parish Councils formed.

1894 Mollington Parish council formed.

1897 A new building for Mollington School

1900 Great and Little Mollington joined for administrative purposes, though not ecclesiastical, and afterwards known as Mollington.

1907 Sale of Mollington Hall to T. Gibbons Frost and partial break-up of estate.

1911 Coronation of King George V and Coronation tree in the village of Mollington

2000 Festival 2000

2001 Queens Golden Jubilee Celebrations